The Silly Magician’s YouTube Channel gets a Spring Cleaning.

Mike Maione, The Silly Magician performing magic show for families in Port JeffersonIt’s spring. And I got the bug to do some spring cleaning. As Josie Brown says, “The key to spring cleaning is to be ruthless! Throw out anything and everything you never use. (Or that may be incriminating. Burn, if necessary, but remember if using gasoline, those fires should be contained in a non-flammable container.).”

The Silly Magician’s YouTube channel has been a jumble of videos for years. It included a year’s worth of pandemic Trick or Treat, a sort of late-night talk show that featured interviews with magicians. It also had unrelated videos made for fun and experimentation. And most importantly and scattered about it included videos of the Silly Magician in action doing what he loves to do magic shows for kids. So, the spring cleaning bug bit, and I am being ruthless, organizing, purging, optimizing, and doing an extensive facelift of the Silly Magician YouTube channel.

I’m burning everything that is not related to the magic of Long Island’s silliest magician, me. If you are a fan of my pandemic talk show, Trick or Treat, don’t fret. I’m creating a YouTube channel to archive those excellent interviews of some of the world’s best professional magicians. Click HERE if you want to subscribe and be notified as videos are uploaded to the channel.

On the Silly Magician YouTube channel, from now on, you can expect to find tons of videos of me doing magic on stage, in homes, in schools, and around town. You’ll also find a good bit of me doing short magical videos in my studio. I am also creating videos to help folks looking for a Long Island magician to do a magic show for kids or a magic show for adults to find the perfect match and for tips on putting together a magical birthday party. I hope you’ll check out the channel and subscribe.

While on the topic of spring cleaning. Here’s a great tip if you are about to do a little spring cleaning yourself. Get rid of things that you don’t use or, as the KonMari Method™ says, ‘sparks joy.’ If you don’t need it or it doesn’t make you happy, ditch it.

Maybe someday, I’ll do that with the 25-plus years of magic paraphernalia I’ve amassed.

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