A Perfect Party

It All Starts with Planning

Get ready to have a dilly of a party. I’m packing my bag of tricks, practicing my magic words, and looking forward to having a fun time at your party. There are a few things you can do to make sure the party is perfect.

Before the Show
Hide the toys. Often the Silly Magician is asked to perform in the family’s playroom. Colorful toys can be a big distraction for the party guests, especially for real little ones. Out of sight is out of mind, so put toys behind a screen or in another room.

For kid’s parties assign an adult to watch the show along with the kids, and in the unlikely event it’s needed, address an unruly guest. Seldom is it an issue that a mom has sent her child to your home all sugared up ready to cause chaos, but occasionally it happens that one youngster just can’t sit still for the whole show. When that happens, it’s always better if an adult, not the entertainer, address the issue so that the rest of the audience can enjoy the show.

Do you expect real little ones at the party? If so, encourage the parent of very young children to sit with them and help them learn to be a respectful audience member.

During the Show
The Silly Magician is good, but ice cream is better, and so are pizza, chicken fingers, cupcakes, chips, and candy. I want to provide the best experience for your guests as possible so, serve food before or after the show, not during; unless, of course, you are serving spinach. Offering leafy greens to kids during the show does not seem to distract many children.

Encourage loud, talkative adults who would rather catch up on gossip than watch and enjoy the show to use another room to converse.

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