NOT Just for Kids

Mentalism and Magic for Adults

When it comes to magic, everyone is a kid at heart, but don’t think Mike’s magic is only for kids. It doesn’t matter whether you’re eight or 80, Mike will find your funny bone and get you scratching your head. Mike is a regular attendee of the 4F, the premier congress of performers who do mentalism and magic for adults.

Imagine seeing an empty crushed soda can expand back to its original shape and size and refill with soda right in front of your eyes. Or, watching a single dollar bill turn into a crisp new $100 bill. Watch silver dollars appear from thin air, expand to five times their size, then vanish in a wink. Close your hand around a few coins and feel them change denomination inside your closed fist. Watch a borrowed ring melt through a string, vanish into thin air and reappear in an entirely new place. Merely think of a card and hear it called out. Watch a grown man levitate himself. This isn’t kid’s stuff.

Magic that is perfect for events for kids at heart.

What kind of event are you planning? Want to add sizzle to a trade show display to entice and educate potential customers? Want to create a cocktail party that will leave your guests with a “magical” hangover they’ll be talking about for weeks? Are you planning a professional fund-raiser and want it packed with mystery and mirth?

Every show Mike performs, from the most intimate small gatherings to the biggest stage or platform event Mike tailors for his audience. That means Mike won’t show a bunch of mind-blowing card tricks to a group of young children or a silly puppet to a group of adults.

Whatever the event, Mike has the recipe that will have sides splitting and heads spinning.

Take a look at some of the magic Mike performs for those who are kids at heart.

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