Photo of Long Island Magician, Mike Maione AKA the Silly Magician performing an outdoor magic show.
The Silly Magician provides a refreshing summer magic show.

Party Magician Mike Maione is the Silly Magician

Long Island party magician Mike Maione, also known as the Silly Magician, became interested in magic as a young boy. At the tender age of nine, Mike made a trip to Tannen’s Magic Shop. There he purchased his first bit of magic, an expensive coin trick. Unfortunately, Mike was a chubby lad who liked frozen treats and accidentally used the coin to buy ice cream. He was so upset when he discovered his mistake he vowed not to do magic until he could control his appetite.

Why a Party Magician?

Years of therapy and many diets later, Mike shed his huskie-sized clothes and dove into magic with renewed passion. He emerged as Long Island’s favorite party magician. Why parties? Because as Mike says, “That’s where all the ice cream is.”

Mike has great advice if you are planning a birthday party. Click here for his list of tips.

Professional Background and Associations

Mike has been performing as the Silly Magician on Long Island and vicinity for over 20 years. He is a past president of the Long Island Mystics, the local chapter of the Society of American Magicians, and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Mike is also a member of the invitation-only 4F magic society and England’s Magic Circle.

In addition to performing magic at parties, Mike teaches magic and writes about being a party magician in several Internet publications. He has created several magic effects marketed to the magic community and has lectured to magicians in the US and England. Mike also reviews magic paraphernalia on his growing YouTube channel Maione Magic Review and shares videos of his mini-performances on his YouTube channel  Mike Maione – The Silly Magician.

Mike is fully insured and is happy to extend insurance to the venue he is performing at when requested.

The Parlor of Mystery

Mike is also the founder and main producer at the Parlor of Mystery where he often performs. The Parlor of Mystery is a traveling parlor magic show. Magic performed at the Parlor of Mystery does not require expensive, large-scale stage equipment. It is magic performed close to the audience and without a stage. The setting and the magic are intimate.  And all shows are modern, funny, grown-up, and for grown-up audiences. Click HERE for more information about the Parlor of Mystery.

Ten Reasons to Hire the Silly Magician