Have it your way!
It’s been a long time that we’ve all been cooped up at home; no live theatre, no big parties with lots of friends and relatives, and no live magic. But now, things are getting back to normal, and the Silly Magician is ready to perform at your venue, whether at your home, a restaurant, school, or theatre. The choice is yours. If you’re ready for a live close-up, parlor, or stage magic, you can bring Long Island’s silliest magic show to the venue of your choosing.

If you’re not quite ready to bring folks from outside your tribe into your bubble, the Silly Magician still offers a terrific interactive virtual magic show with just as much of the silly antics and mind-boggling magic that he is known for.

Call 631-757-2236 for details.

Ways to Get in Touch
Land Line: 631-757-2236
Cell Phone: 631-576-9098
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