10 Reasons Why
You Should Invite
The Silly Magician to
Your Next Party

Number 10
He's silly and will make you laugh.
Mike can find the funny bone on everyone. His crazy antics will get even the grumpiest geezer giggling and having fun.

Number 9
Entertaining children is his specialty.
While other magicians aspire to work in Vegas, local nightclubs, on cruise ships or at corporate conventions, Mike's passion is working with kids. With years of experience as a family entertainer and with small children of his own, he knows exactly what makes kids tick and what tickles kids.

Number 8
He provides good and fun family entertainment.
There's enough racy entertainment out there to make even a hardened criminal blush. Don't worry about that with The Silly Magician. He delivers good clean fun the whole family can enjoy.

Number 7
All shows are custom tailored for your audience.
Every show the Silly Magician performs is different. Before every show, Mike makes it his business to know how many kids will be at the show and what their ages are. Then he takes the time to plan a program that is age appropriate with illusions that will be appreciated by the entire audience. In other words, you won't see a string of mind-blowing card tricks at a show for four year olds or goofy puppets at a show for pre-teens.

Number 6
You can relax.
Let's face it, hosting a party is anything but relaxing. But, for the entire time Mike performs, your guests will be glued to their seats. His wacky character, colorful props and mystifying illusions will keep the kids completely engaged. Isn't that what you really want - time to get the lunch ready, put the candles on the cake or simply kick off your shoes and rest for a bit?

Number 5
Plenty of audience participation.
The Silly Magician uses lots of helpers. In addition to featuring the guest of honor, Mike involves everyone in his show, with many volunteers joining him on stage to help in the fun.

Number 4
No party is too big or too small.
Whether you're planning a big party in a catering hall or civic center, a company picnic, block party or a small house party with just a few invited guests, Mike fills the room with magic. For larger venues The Silly Magician's show includes big illusions and amplified sound so that even folks in the back of the room can enjoy the magic.

Number 3
He'll fool you.
He's funny for sure, but there are lots of surprises in store for you with the Silly Magician. You simply won't believe your eyes as things appear from nowhere, young ladies float, and the impossible happens.

Number 2
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Not many entertainers are confident enough that they are prepared to give a guarantee, but if for any reason you and your guests are not 100% satisfied you don't pay. It's that simple.


And finally, the Number 1 reason why you should invite The Silly Magician to your next party...

...As you can see he needs money to buy a new hat because Fluffy ruined the old one.

Fluffy comes to many of The Silly Magician's shows. He's friendly, he loves children and he never soils the host's home.