Organize the Party Area

Part of the secret of a well-organized party is a well-organized party area. Here are some suggestions to help you get and keep the party area organized.

Have materials for games and activities setup nearby ready to distribute and use as necessary. Lay them out in the order in which they will be used so that anyone can help distribute them.

Think about the height of furniture for kids. For making crafts and kids under 5 place folding tables (or plywood) directly on the floor. Or raise them up by placing it on milk crates. Kid size plastic chairs are inexpensive buy or borrow some to make guests feel more comfortable.

The Trash
Don't forget trash bins. At least two or three in the party area.

For Presents
Decorate a box or basket or set up a card table near the entry door. Have the guests put gifts there as they arrive. Later, as the gifts are opened, put them back in the box.

Picture Time
Have your camera ready with plenty of film/video tape. Make sure batteries are charged and have an extra battery available for the camera/flash.

For Spills
You can expect at least one spill. Have paper towels or cloths handy in several places ready to do a quick pickup.

Put Fido Away
Make sure household pets are kept out of the party area out of harm's way and where you don't have to worry about bites, barks or scratches.

Is the Party Area Child Proof?
Survey the area and make sure anything that is a hazard or that can become a hazard is removed. (Remember the bathroom too.)

Every year young children are injured by broken or deflated balloons. Have a rule if a balloon deflates or is broken throw it out immediately.

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