Helpful Hints for Saving Time

Turn party preparations into a family project...not only will you have less work to do, but your children will feel they helped make the party a success. (Guess what. If they're helping get things ready, then they're not messing up some other part of the house and making more work for you, anyway.)
Make a realistic estimate of how much preparation time is involved and how much time you can devote to party preparation. Things always take longer than you plan. (My rule of thumb...figure what it should take, then double it.)
Start early. It is much easier to find 15-30 minutes per evening than to make all of the projects on the last weekend (or night) before the party. Use my scheduler. It's a good list of what should be done and when in advance of the big day.
Shop smart. Make a list of things you need and where you can get them. Use the shopping list I've provided. There's lots of things on there that even the best party makers forget.

Make name tags or have the kids make name tags for all the guests. This will really help when it comes time for you or one of your guests to direct one of the guests.

Don't forget to have fun.

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